An efficient finite element model for dynamic analysis of gravity dam-reservoir-foundation interaction problems




In this paper, a finite element (FE)-based model that efficiently evaluates the dynamic behavior of dam-reservoir-foundation interaction (DRFI) problem was proposed including the radiation of waves to the unbounded rock and reservoir domains. Lagrangian fluid elements were used to discretize the near-field reservoir domain, while the presented infinite fluid elements were used to discretize the far-field reservoir domain. The fully coupled equation of motion for DRFI problem was solved by direct method. A two-dimensional (2D) plane-strain FE formulation of the problem is written in FORTRAN 90 programming language. Investigations were conducted on the effect of near-field domain size (length and depth) on the dynamic behavior of DRFI, dam-foundation interaction (DFI), and dam-reservoir interaction (DRI) problems. The results of this study demonstrate that the proposed model outperforms many other models that have been evolved in the literature in terms of accuracy and speed. The reflected hydrodynamic pressures at the far-field reservoir domain were efficiently absorbed by the suggested infinite fluid elements. The near-field domains size has a noticeable impact on the dynamic behavior of the dam. Making an exact choice about the size is more challenging. However, it was observed that the size of 1.5H is the physically appropriate response.