Mechanical and Energy-Absorption Properties of a 3D-Printed Star-Shaped Auxetic Honeycomb under Combined Compression-Shear Loading




In this study, we investigated the mechanical and energy-absorption properties of a star-shaped auxetic honeycomb under combined compression-shear loading. Novel fixtures were designed to conduct quasi-static combined compression-shear loadings. Experimental and numerical results show that the honeycomb undergoes an overall deformation based on cell rotation under quasi-static loading, producing an inclined deformation band. The normal yield stress decreased, and the shear yield stress increased with an increase in the loading angle. The extrusion deformation between meso-structures became more sufficient under dynamic combined loadings. The material deformation mode changed from overall deformation to local deformation accompanied by the formation of a shock wave. The yield criteria were established based on the ellipse equation. With an increase in the loading angle, the energy absorption in the normal and shear directions of the materials showed downward and upward trends, respectively. A theoretical model was proposed based on the 1D shock wave model to predict the energy-absorption behaviour under dynamic loading.