Interaction of double parallel cracks located on a hollow cylinder




Due to the extensive usage in the industry, the structural integrity of hollow cylinders is seen as a critical goal for stakeholders. Fracture is the most common failure mode for cylinders, which occurs due to crack propagation. Cracks can be found in single or multiple forms; when numerous, crack interaction occurs, which can exacerbate pressures beyond the material's resistance. This work uses Ansys software to examine double parallel interacting surface cracks on a hollow cylinder. The stress intensity factor (SIF) was used to describe the driving force that was used to characterize crack interaction for various crack geometries. To conduct extensive research, this study evaluated a wide range of crack aspect ratios as well as the relative depth of the crack. The findings of this study indicated that the shielding effect demonstrated parallel crack interaction. In addition, an empirical mathematical approach for predicting SIFs for double parallel cracks via single crack SIFs has been developed. The validation of the proposed model using performance evaluation metrics revealed an acceptable rate of error of less than 5%.