Dispersion Properties of Fragments of Square Metal Shells Driven by Explosive Loading



The fragment dispersion properties of metal shells under internal explosive loading are important topics in the fields of public safety and defence technology. The internal explosion driving phenomenon of square charge structures is common in the design of innovative warheads, the protection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the storage of hazardous materials, etc., and it is essential to investigate their fragment dispersion characteristics. In this study, the effect of the eccentric initiation on the circumferential fragment speed of the square charge structure was investigated via high-speed impulse X-ray experimental technique and numerical simulating methods. Furthermore, a high-order polynomial calculation formula for the circumferential fragment dispersion speed of the square charge structure under different eccentric coefficients for initiation was established based on the numerical and experimental data. The results of this study would provide references for the disposal of IEDs and the design of warheads.