Experimental and numerical simulation analysis of the dynamic characteristics of a new piezoelectric friction damper



Based on the inverse piezoelectric effect and other characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics, a new type of piezoelectric variable friction damper is developed, and the output performance test of piezoelectric ceramic actuator and piezoelectric variable friction damper is carried out, and the parametric mechanical model of the damper is established by using Simulink to carry out numerical simulation, and compared and analyzed with the test results. The results of the study show that the simulation and the test present a good regular agreement. With the increment of loading voltage, the displacement deformation and zero-displacement thrust of piezoelectric ceramic actuator are approximately linear with the loading voltage; when the loading voltage is increased by 15V every time, the test value of the output damping force of the damper increases by 259.66N on average step by step, and the simulated value increases by 256.14N step by step, and the damping force has a linearly incremental relationship with the voltage and the slope of the linear increase is 16.434.