Dynamic response analysis of layered saturated frozen soil foundation subjected to moving loads



Based on the theory of solid porous media with pores, the dynamic response of layered saturated frozen soil under uniform moving load is studied. Firstly, the governing equation of saturated frozen soil is established. Then, the Fourier integral transform is used to decouple the governing equation of saturated frozen soil, and the general solution of the potential function is obtained, and the corresponding force and displacement of each layer of saturated frozen soil are derived. Finally, using the transfer matrix method, combined with the continuous condition, the semi-analytical solution of the layered saturated frozen soil medium in the frequency domain under the surface permeable condition is derived. After verifying the accuracy of the solution by comparing the model degradation with the existing literature, the effects of soil shear modulus, load moving speed, temperature, contact parameter and frequency on the dynamic response are analyzed in detail. The results show that the order of soft and hard soil layers is of great significance to accurately evaluate the dynamic response of saturated frozen soil.