Kinetic response of reinforced concrete slabs to high-velocity projectile impact-robust numerical and statistical driven modeling techniques



This research explores the dynamic responses of reinforced concrete (RC) slabs under high-velocity impacts. The study utilizes advanced numerical simulations to investigate the effects of varied impact loading and slab depths, unveiling complex rate-dependent behaviors (i.e., impact forces, reactions, accelerations, and displacements) across a diverse range of velocities. The alignment of simulation results with experimental data validates the robustness and accuracy of the employed approach. Additionally, an analytical model predicting the load-carrying capacity and deflection of these slabs under high-velocity loads is proposed. The results indicated that higher loading rates correlate with increased forces and damage until perforation. Analytical models exhibit strong performance within a ±10% error margin, and response surface analysis quantifies the impactor velocity's influence on load for a constant thickness. Overall, this investigation sheds light on the dynamic complexities of RC slabs subjected to high-velocity impacts, providing valuable insights for structural design considerations.