Influence of filler material on the fragmentation characteristics of warheads



A common issue with traditional warheads is the presence of a central blind zone when vertically striking targets. In this study, we proposed an axially reinforced warhead with different filler materials at the front end. Through experimental testing and simulations of single-point detonation at the bottom of the axially reinforced warhead, the fragmentation characteristics of the shell at the front end were analyzed, along with the fragment velocity and fragment distribution. The results showed that compared to traditional cylindrical warheads, the axially reinforced warhead filled with explosives or inert filler demonstrated significant improvements in fragmentation characteristics, the quality of the fragments, and the distribution of the fragments. Moreover, the fragment velocities showed greater similarity, and as the density of the inert filler increased, the improvement became more significant. In conclusion, the axially reinforced warhead with inert fillers at the front end produced evenly distributed fragments in the central damage area, which effectively improved the energy utilization of the warhead.